Haulage Service and Considerations


Haulage, as an aspect of logistics is the commercial act of transporting goods by road or railway. After the shipping companies or airlines have delivered the goods at the ports, the port authorities will move the goods to the tarmac or terminals for government agencies to examine the goods for compliance with regulations. There are two main categories of haulage, namely:

  • Carrier haulage: Carrier haulage is when a shipping company takes care of the transport of container
  • Merchant haulage: This refers to the movement of the container by the bearer using a specified haulage contractor.

Haulage services still starts from moving of material from the natural stage, conveying raw materials to the factory and helping the producers to convey their goods to wholesaler or distributors. Haulage services handles other delivery aspects from the ports and other places and delivers.

Some considerations of Using a Haulage Company should be based on

  • Expertise which involves years of experience in the industry
  • They should understand your complete needs and be able to implement the right services ensuring they meet your exact requirements through adequate transport planning.
  • Another consideration should be about cost – Transporting goods yourself can be costly, considering the fact that there will be purchase of vehicle and fuel.

Using a road haulage company will enable your goods to be transported in a cost-effective way. All warehousing will be handled, and the entire transportation process will be managed, all of which would come with no additional costs that you might face if you handled it yourself.

  • Another consideration is reliability: – This means that they will take care of your goods from the moment they pick up your goods to the moment they deliver your items and that includes handling, storage and meeting deadlines. So, choosing a haulage company that can do this is important. They will have knowledge of the correct transportation methods required to deliver a first-class service.   This includes: 1) the loading and unloading of your goods 2) the driver experience of the chosen routes and the ability to utilize the right vehicles.

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