Haulage is the business of transporting goods by road or rail between suppliers and large consumer outlets, factories, warehouses, or depots. This includes everything humans might wish to move in bulk

The importance of haulage below shows how important and vital haulage is. 

1. Moving of material from the natural stage.
2. Conveying raw materials to the factory and helping the producers to convey their goods to wholesalers or distributors.
3. Helping the producers to reduce the content of the warehouse. An efficient transport system offering cost, time, and reliability advantages permit goods to be transported over longer distances. This facilitates mass production through economies of scale because larger markets can be accessed. Thus, the more efficient transportation becomes, the larger the markets that can be serviced and the larger the scale of production.
4. Helping the wholesalers (distributors) to get their purchased goods to their stores. Improvement in the efficiency with which firms have access to raw materials and parts as well as to their respective customers. Thus, transportation expands opportunities to acquire and sell a variety of commodities necessary for individual and manufacturing systems.
5. Increased competition. When transport is efficient, the potential market for a given product or service increases, and so does competition. A wider array of goods and services becomes available to consumers through competition which tends to reduce costs and promote quality and innovation.
6. In conclusion, haulage makes goods and services available where and when they are needed. It provides market accessibility by linking producers and consumers.


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