What makes an unforgettable business brand?

There is not one single aspect that will create the perfect brand. But the right mix of elements can work wonders. The ingredient for creating a good business brand is a little more complicated than simply whipping up a logo and snappy tagline.

Everything matters – from your mission and values to your visual identity and consistency.  How do you pull it all together to build your stand-out and unforgettable brand?

1-Understand Your Audience

Great brands know their audience inside out. And that doesn’t just mean picking the people who you think will like your products or services. You need to dig down into the ones who NEED the solutions that you offer. Understanding who they are and how they think will help you immensely in your marketing and overall operations. Remember that the foundations of your brand personality are formed by your consumers.


2- A Clear Purpose and Values

As well as knowing your audience, you must know yourself. Your customers provide outward focus and direction, but your purpose gives your brand a soul. Being clear on what drives your business is the bridge that connects you with your customers.

Today’s consumers appreciate brands that take a stand and walk the walk, so don’t be afraid to use your brand to embody your beliefs.


3- Consistency and Reliability

Good business brands are consistent in their

  • Colors
  • Tone
  • Voice

Your brand must be recognizable across different platforms and channels so people can build familiarity and learn who you are. Just like you wouldn’t expect Coca Cola to step away from their trademark red, you shouldn’t step away from the things that might give your brand that unique and recognizable look.

Consistency isn’t just about how you look, it’s also about the experience your customers have when they interact with you. Ensure that you provide a consistent and reliable customer journey at every touchpoint. That includes your messaging, your service, and your communication.


4- Feedback- How Does Your Business Brand Make People Feel?

When you understand your audience, you remain true to your identity and are consistent with your voice, you create the most elusive – but most rewarding – part of the branding puzzle: the connection with your audience. A good business brand creates an emotional bond with customers that goes beyond the buyer/seller relationship. Emotions play a significant role in the purchasing journey of consumers. When your brand is able to evoke a positive emotional response from your customers, you have successfully created a strong brand.

Think about ways that you can connect with your customers on a human level. People like dealing with other people, so keep that in mind. That isn’t to say you can’t use things like automation and triggered email sequences to streamline your services. Just ensure that they have that personal human touch.


5- A Strong Visual Identity

As we have already established, people connect with other people, not faceless corporations. That’s why it’s vital to provide your business with a face along with a voice. While the face of your brand doesn’t literally have to be your face, incorporating your personal brand into your business can help forge that priceless sense of connection with your audience. Your clients and customers will love to peek in behind the curtains of your business. It gives them a look at who is running the brand and how you do things. It also helps them to see your values in practice. So, think of ways that you can incorporate glimpses of the people that make up your brand to create strong connection with your customers.




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