Storage and Warehousing


As a manufacturer, you must keep adequate raw materials stock to ensure smooth production. A trader has to maintain adequate stock of the products he sells to meet the demand. Maintenance of stocks of raw materials and finished products calls for storage. Storage helps to preserve goods at a particular place until these are required elsewhere.


A warehouse is a place where goods are stored. It is usually found away from the place of business of a merchant, to enable the following:

  • Protection of the goods until they are moved to the factory
  • It provides a place for goods that are received in bulk.
  •  It facilitates the easy sale of goods when it is located near the market.
  •  It facilitates the uninterrupted sale. Out of stock situation is avoided
  • Cold storage provides longer life to certain easily perishable items
  • It is necessary to perform certain marketing activities like grading, and packaging.

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