Social Media and Logistics Evolvement (part 1)

Social media instills positive effects on networks in logistics and supply chain businesses. It helps in improving communication, and boosting customer confidence among other benefits. social media has evolved so much that it’s not just about sending mails only. It also involves creating contents to reach wilder audience. In-fact sending emails can even be called cliché although it is as useful as ever but to explain the growth of social media such word can be used. Emails are sent to reach wilder audience or to communicate.  we have other tools too for example WhatsApp, Facebook, and now TikTok.

Although some companies or firm are actively taking advantage of social media Like easy update of shipments schedule thus, there is an increase in the tracking and visibility of supply chain. Also, to find new employees, customers, business partners and opportunities. Social media provides companies with reviews and feedback from customers and you can immediately respond to them. Social media can be the much more an efficient tool than just gathering valuable information for logistics and supply chain companies. Social media is not only for the sole purpose of connecting with other people but also for portraying your brand.

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