Social Media and Logistics Evolvement (part 2)

The evolvement of social media and logistics being implied here is that, advertising should evolve from more than just words. There’s content creation, just because its logistics doesn’t limit it to just words and ordinary graphics creation when advertising. The social media app tik-tok can be used to create good content videos for advertisement in reaching out to people. Instagram now have reels too to reach people who are not even your followers but they can still see any content you promote.  The other day there was a video of a boy on tik-tok dancing but was also promoting logistics, the dance explained the words he said while telling a story at the same time. In this scenario there’s entertainment, advertisement and brand promotion all in one for the audience he’s trying to reach the point is social media is a powerful tool and it all depends on how you use it. Logistics is a service that is done globally as importation and exportation of goods from one country to another and within a particular country. Global entails beyond, social media is also worldwide and keeping to date with the social media apps we get every day, following the latest trends in advertisements is a good way of reaching more audience in business promotion, a way of standing out as a company to get more customers, and also showcase how evolved your company is to the already existing clients or customers and to the outside world. Logistics is not limited to joining this trend, logistics can speak more contents and less words in the world of advertisements.

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