Social Media and Logistics Evolvement (part 3)

Operators can easily update shipments schedule thus, there is an increase in the tracking and visibility of your supply chain. The information can be received in real-time. Gather valuable information from social media on freight transportation unforeseen issues such as accidents and road closures that affect the delivery schedule. This information can be used to re-route the deliveries. Be informed about weather conditions and other natural aspects that might affect your shipment or deliveries. Gain knowledge about the latest trends and other important insights from customers and business leaders. Share or gain data for risk identification and reveal the dangers in your supply chain. Search and collect innovative ideas from different points of view to further improve your business offers.

Find new employees, customers, business partners and opportunities. Enhance your relationship with your business partners and your customers. Social media provides your company reviews and feedback from customers, and you can immediately respond to them. Social media can be the most efficient tool in gathering valuable information for logistics and supply chain companies. Not many companies use social media to build and strengthen relationships among its logistics partners. Social media is not only for the sole purpose of portraying your brand. social media is not heavily used within the logistics and freight forwarding industries. According to research conducted by Adelante SCM, almost 70 percent of the professionals surveyed said that their companies have not yet fully utilized social networking as a solution to predict customers’ demands. In addition, their companies restrict access to social media sites. On the other hand, there are companies that are actively taking advantage of social media through offshoring back-office data entry. Below are a few benefits that logistics and freight transportation will gain in using social media:

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