Freight Forwarding peak period, and Its Impact.

When is the peak period? How do you prepare for the peak period? and all you need to know about the period.

Starting from the month of August to December of every year, freight forwarders become busier in tune with higher international shopping and shipping of the items to final destinations.

These periods are regarded as the busiest season otherwise known as the peak period.

The peak period is the most challenging season for most freighters and loaders. It is the busiest time for shipping companies as demands usually outgrow normalcy within a limited capacity. It is widely proven that every last quarter of the year is the best season for shopping, by implication, freight forwarders are on the receiving side because they are responsible for the shipping of procured items to their final destinations.

Within this period, freight forwarders are saddled with more responsibilities to satisfy the pool of questionnaires of ultimate concerns from the consignees who are in eager expectation of their deliveries. However, since this is an annual phenomenon, it is expected of freight forwarders to foresee possibilities of managing the season and keep the consignees abreast of the experience ahead.

As a responsive freight forwarder, we present to you some of the likely scenarios around the peak time as we are already in another peak season of the industry. Some of which are:

  • Pricing 

It is worthy of note that at this period of the season, freight rates are updated weekly. Carriers and airlines update their freight rate on a weekly basis. The higher the booking, the more competitive the rate becomes.

  • Flight Scheduling

This is another challenge of the peak period. Cargo plane schedules are likely to change regardless of probability of schedules on the account of space congestion. Rescheduling of flight becomes an option owing to airline cancellation of initial schedule. Congestion of space of airlines is a normal nature of the season. However, we are always on top gear to deliver within the nearly expected time.

  • Warehouse Congestion

The space at the warehouse always becomes limited at the peak season since shipping of items, packages are delayed. However, it is encouraged to quicken your suppliers’ engagement for a timely operation as we advise proper packaging of consolidated items to avoid missing packages. Our priority at DreamWorks Global Logistics limited during the peak period.

DreamWorks consolidation service is one of our cherished services; it is the cheapest service for supporting the shipping experience of eCommerce merchants, individual small shipments, and store owners who procures from different stores. Since peak season is natural in the calendar, we take priority in the following;

  •  Constant update for customers
  •  Safety of received packages
  •  Friendly quotes
  •  Responsive customer care representatives that warmly attend to inquiries
  •  Best and fastest shipping schedule

At DreamWorks Global Logistics Limited, you are assured of the above priority during peak period. We are deploying proactive measures to control the excesses of the season.

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